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Some Landmark Co. Mayo Sites & Sights (cont’d)

Museum of Country Life

The Museum of Country Life is located in Turlough Village, near Castlebar.
(The round tower is visible in the background.)
Turlough Park House, built in 1865, was once the home of the Fitzgerald family, the local landlords.
The museum exhibits artefacts representing the of life of rural Irish people between 1850 and 1950.
The ground floor of the house is open to the public but the majority of items on display are housed in a custom built complex at the rear.

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“The Quiet Man” Cottage

This little dwelling, one of the main props in the iconic film, “The Quiet Man,” is located near Cong in South Mayo.
“White O’Morn Cottage”as it was known in the film was where John Wayne wooed Maureen O’Hara  in the still popular movie made in 1951.
(This picture was taken shortly after the film was made.)

Sadly, it was allowed fall into disrepair afterwards but moves are afoot now to renovate the premises and turn it into a cultural and heritage centre.

The “Greenway”

The cliffs at Croaghaun on Achill Island rise 668 metres (2,192 feet) up from  the Atlantic Ocean. They are the highest sea cliffs in Ireland and Great Britain although that title is often mistakenly bestowed on Slieve League (601m/1,972 feet) in Donegal.

However, as those cliffs are inaccessible by land, the Donegal cliffs are better known.
Croaghaun Cliffs are the third highest sea cliffs in Europe (after Hornelen, Norway and Cape Enniberg, Faroe Islands).

The Croaghaun Cliffs

The Great Western Greenway is an off-road trail intended for use by cyclists and walkers.

 It is 42 kilometres (26 miles) long and follows the route of the old Westport-Achill railway which was opened in the 1890s and closed in 1937.

Apart from a short section at Kilbride, it is closed to vehicular traffic.

Cyclists and walkers will see some of the most idyllic scenery in the west of Ireland. The route forms part of the National Cycle Network and it is the longest off road cycling trail in the Country.