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Folktales from County Mayo

Folktales from County Mayo” is a collection of accounts written by John Edward Henry. (1904-1996)

He was a well-known folk historian and collector and his work has appeared in a wide variety of publications including twenty ‘tales’ that were published in book form by the Mercier Press (Cork) in 1978.
For many years, he also wrote a column for an American syndicated travel company’s newsletter dealing with past and contemporary social and economic affairs. He  featured in a large number of chat shows on local and national radio.

He was my father and I have collected 54 of his stories and have published the total in a single PDF file.
He was not motivated by prospects of making money when he went about his heritage research but he felt that aspects of our cultural heritage would be lost forever unless people took steps to preserve them for future generations. I share his view and both editions of his work are priced at €3 or its equivalent to help defray  the costs involved.
The ‘tales are now on sale in the Amazon bookstore and you can access the details here.
More detailed information can be found on mayofolktales.com.

Mayotales.pdf is approximately 149 pages long and it comes with  clickable bookmarks for ease of navigation.

It costs €3 (or the equivalent) and can be ordered through PayPal. You don’t need a PayPal account to do this.

The Kindle edition is on sale in the Amazon Bookstore and it costs the same as the PDF version.

It is compatible with the whole range o Kindle devices but it can be read on most computers, tablets and smartphones as well.
Amazon supplies a free Cloud Reader which is a browser add-on to enable this and it can be downloaded from this site.